Stressed Out? Need more Energy? Want more Confidence?Or become more Productive?


It's not about punching and kicking...

Karate is a manual on how to use the human body, mind, and spirit, then utilize it in an application for everyday life. Every time you practice you learn about your self. Without the correct guidance, growth can become stagnant, that's where we come in. 30 years of training done by Master Nelson Nathaniel Jr. in efforts to HELP YOU ACCELERATE and build TRUE CONFIDENCE in your abilities.


Austin Karate Center is committed to helping you tune in to your body, make/keep you feeling young, and giving you the knowledge you need to stay mobile and active. The encouraging environment makes it fun to come to class and you won't realize you're getting an awesome workout.














Austin Karate Center was started by private clients in Austin's local community. They enjoyed the sessions so much that they've become ongoing clients for years now. Quality and Customization is the focus. No matter what your skill level or sport, you will learn something new about yourself while having FUN.

Private One on Ones is not just for the martial artist. Anyone from your average person, the busy professional, to top-performing athletes can benefit from Private Training. Why? Because we focus on the factors that will make you perform the most efficient. Structure, Range of Motion, & Stability.




Combat Kickboxing is More Effective than your exercise based Kickboxing class for fitness.  You will NOT get hit in class! We teach you Proper Technique and application from the start so you know:

#1 What you are doing

#2 How to do it right

 #3 How to apply it & why it is effective

This will keep you SAFE and dramatically increase the quality of your work out and a major bonus is you'll be learning Self- Defense at the same time!

At Austin Karate Center we understands that Martial Arts can be some what intimidating. Creating a safe, comfortable and fun environment is our #1 priority. Build your Confidence and Knowledge FAST!


Traditional Karate, "The Ultimate Mind, Body, & Spirit Manuel" to hone in on your body's abilities.


Increase Focus 

Increase Energy 

Improve Flexibility/ Mobility

Prevent Illness & Improve Health 

Learn Self -Defense

And Much More

No one is "Too Old" for Karate! In fact, there are successful men and women who use Karate as a way to Destress, Control their Emotions, and make Smart Choices. It keeps their mind's sharp and bodies mobile for all their important responsibilities. It will teach you the Efficiency of  Your Energy to increase Longevity of Your Life. 


Good Day Everyone! I'm Nelson Nathaniel Jr., Master Instructor at Austin Karate Center. I've been a martial artist for 30 years now and started around the age of five. I want to share how martial arts can dramatically increase the quality of your life, as it did mine. Adversity comes in everyone's lives, and having mental strength can teach you how to overcome any challenge life throws at you. The ability to make good decisions and seeing the rewards of hard work is what martial arts taught me and much more.

What's my story? Well around four years old I saw a Bruce Lee movie and knew immediately I wanted to do Martial Arts. Plus Ninja Turtles was popular back in those days. So my father put me in Tae Kwon Do. Shortly after my parents separated and my mother decided to leave my sibling and I behind. Not long after I was unknowingly entered an abusive relationship with my stepmother which brought me to a dark place as a kid. Karate was my only outlet. I was hurt, Karate gave me a safe environment to release my aggression. It gave me a different family and made me realize I didn't want to hurt them, so I learned control of myself. Thus teaching me Kindness and making me a better person for my environment.


At age 19 I earned my 1st Degree Black Belt in American Karate from Joseph Hernandez in Beeville, Texas 2004. School took me to San Antonio where I met Grand Master Larry M. Lockhart Jr.  In 2010 I earned the rank of 3rd Degree in Lokido Jutsu Ryu and crossed over to 4th Degree in 2013 after G.M. Lockhart Jr. was granted his Grand Mastership. After years of training and competing, I was inducted into the Universal Martial Arts Hall of Fame as Competitor of the Year in 2018. Following that, I earned my 1st Degree in Okinawa Goju Kai through Sensei Ramon Veras. In December 2018 I was granted my 5th Degree Masters rank from G.M. Lockhart Jr. and shortly thereafter I decided to open Austin Karate Center. 2019 granted me the opportunity to rank 1st Degree with the Japanese Karate Federation Goju Ryu through Sensei Ramon Veras, which will allow me to compete at any Japanese Karate Association competition leading to the Olympics. But that's not my goal.

My goal is to be able to take my students to heights that they never thought possible. I work closely with my students to be able to understand the different types and levels of martial arts from combat sports to traditional martial arts and vise versa. You will learn how to take care of our body, mind, and spirit on the journey for longevity. It is my duty to give back to the community and bring quality instruction to Austin by all means necessary in order to give you the confidence you need to be successful in life. 

Nelson Nathaniel Jr.

Owner and Master Instructor



"Nelson is an amazing instructor and motivator!! He truly is invested in your health and fitness "journey", no matter what you personal goals may be. His class is fun and challenging. Nelson has changed my view on working out. I look forward to class every week!!"

-Sarah K.

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