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The dojo

The Dojo

Taking pride in what we build

Austin Karate Center Kids Martial Arts

How we started

It all started with one student, who got so good and had so much fun doing it that he became a black belt.

Then former students from previous jobs started seeking me out, and we started growing through word of mouth. Precision Chiropractic gave us a home to train where we were able to accommodate formal classes, including a kid's class.


Thanks to the support of our members and students, Austin Karate Center has grown into its current, awesome space where we'll be able to offer even more opportunities for progress in training and connection to community.

Thank you for your continued support. It’s a true honor to be of service to you!

...honesty in the


What we teach

At Austin Karate Center, we rank our students mainly in Shotokan Karate under Lockhart Combative Systems and Goju-Ryu Karate under the OGGK and JKF. But we teach many styles as we understand that no one style is superior. You'll learn how to apply your striking with Kickboxing to educate you on how the old styles have influenced the new.

Approach to teaching

1. We make it FUN. Getting you to engage 100% and become focused in the present.

2. Setting a GOAL, small or big. When you see progress, it keeps you motivated.

3. CONSISTENCY. This is where we help you stay accountable with our community. 

4. RECOVERY. We are tremendously different in this area at Austin Karate Center as we know that recovery is where you get tangible results. We have teamed up with Precision Chiropractic for over 3 years, providing our member with easy access to the latest recovery optimization and massage body work.

Austin Karate Center Training


We celebrate growth no matter the pace



Austin Karate Fitness

Do I need to be in shape to start Karate?

Not at all! Karate is one of the most fun ways to get in shape.  With consistency, your strength grows in body and mind.  Our community is here to help you stay accountable and push you when you need encouragement.  It’s our duty to show you your power.

Austin Karate Kids and Adults

Am I too old to train?

No one is ever too old to learn or grow. Training is all about recognizing what your body is capable of and creating measurable results. But the mind controls the body so we start there by creating habits for success.

Austin Karate for Kids

Will Karate make my child aggressive?

It will do the opposite. Kids have a lot of energy, and when they learn how to focus it they can accomplish some amazing things. They will be too busy enjoying karate.  Kicking and punching the pads is an outlet for aggression. It's a safe place for them to learn about controlling them selves and having respect for others.

Austin Karate Kickboxing Fitness

What should I wear to class?

If it’s your 1st time, come in something comfortable that you can move in. We train barefoot on the mats so be prepared to take your shoes and sox off. Training barefoot helps you access more muscles and improves balance. Once you become a member you will receive your uniform and/or members tee shirt.

Austin Karate Free Trial

I'm not ready to join, but I'd like to try it out.  Can I do that?

No worries. We understand that karate can be intimidating so we like to start you with a free 30 min 1 on 1. This allows you to see the space, meet the Sensei, and get comfortable with some basics before jumping in. From there we’ll see how you feel about taking a class at you convenience. There’s never any pressure.

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